Homes by Sam & Tanya is Hosting a Back to School Supply & Clothing Drive to Support the Teachers & Students of St. Johns County

Supply Drive

Homes by Sam and Tanya has the edge for buying and selling homes in St. Johns County because they are Givers 1st and Foremost.

We partner with many organizations a year to give back to the amazing community that gives so much to us. Unlike other communities around the U.S. we 100% believe in taking care of our Local Hero’s that includes but is not limited to: Sherriff’s, Fire Fighters, Military Service Members, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Workers, etc.

Upcoming Event: July 29th, 2021

WHY = In St Johns County FL, we have over 800 students are considered homeless or displaced because they live with someone other than their mother and/or father. Roughly 21% of the student population is labeled as living below poverty level.

WHAT = We are accepting any and all new school supplies for children from Kindergarten to High School. We are accepting New clothing and shoes for children from Kindergarten to High School.

HOW = You can donate supplies or clothing 1 of 2 ways. First, we will have a 55 Gallon Drum, seen below, in front of our office at 252 Paseo Reyes Drive 32095 from 7/1/2021 to 7/29/2021. Second, you can drop your donation off at our Coffee & Pastry Event on July 29th from 9am to 11am in our office at 252 Paseo reyes Drive 32095.

WHERE DO THE DONATIONS GO = All school supplies will be held by INK (Investing in Kids) . Throughout the school year, INK works with teachers across St. Johns County to get supplies into the classrooms. All Clothing will be held by Hugs Across the County and distributed to children that are in need over the 2022 school year.

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