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Everyone Loves Homes by Sam and Tanya

Homes by Sam and Tanya has the edge for buying and selling homes in North Florida and we bring in over 300 leads a month.

Are you working for a big box brokerage? Paying them 30%+ in commissions and not getting leads?

We understand, we worked for Keller Williams for 2 Years and paid them about $50,000. They didn’t give us one lead……Yep….not 1 Lead……

We offer hands on Training, an Awesome CRM, a gorgeous office to work out of daily, 30+ leads a month to work, and so much more…..

Making $100,000+ Take Home is 100% achievable on our Team Plus You Don’t Compete with 50 Other Agents!!!

We Are Innovators:

– Won’t stop learning
– Thrive in a team atmosphere
– Genuine, but can appreciate sarcasm
– Excited by design and new technology
– Don’t mind being on camera now and then
– Can’t stand not being the best at what they do
– Mature professionals who still enjoy a good laugh
– Probably won “Most Likely to Succeed” in high school
– Surround themselves with talented, hard-working people

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