When will I Hear if my Offer is Accepted?

We received your offer and we will contact you in the next 24-48 hours.  Feel free to email us at Tanya@ROGElevate to let us know you submitted an offer. 

Considering a Move in 2022? If so, Realty One Group Elevate May be a Great Choice!

Reason 1 = Personalization – I, Tanya Cosmini, will personally help you grow your real estate business like I grew mine. I went from 0 closed deals to owning (2) Brokerages in 3 years. How did I do it? Surrounding myself with Scholars in the business. I have now become that person to teach you.

Reason 2 = 100% Commission Model – If you can keep more money then you can use that cash as a vehicle to help you do the things you want. It may be to grow your business. It may be to put your kids through college. It may be to retire early. Whatever it is, I can help you.

Reason 3 = I could go on but its easier over the phone. So call me at 904.439.4892 to learn more.