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Everyone Loves Homes by Sam and Tanya

If you do not know who I am, my name is Tanya Cosmini. I lived in many states, and I’ve been a real estate agent in a few of them. When I moved to Florida, I joined Keller Williams and quickly realized I needed a change.

It was hard for me to flourish because I was paying 30+ percent for every transaction. They did have a CAP but I think it was like $24,000 or something. I approached them and requested to change my commission split 10% vice 30% ensuring them I would still pay the $24k annually but I was quickly said “NO”. 

At KW, I also did not have healthcare coverage. In 2022, health care coverage is instrumental for doing real estate because the career is soooo demanding your body must be in great shape and ready to help customers around the clock.

At KW, the training was okay, but the tools weren’t the best. I found 3rd party tools to be far superior.

With all that said, I was now on the hunt to find a new brokerage that would lower the commission split, improve my training, and provide adequate health care.

At that time, I came across Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage. I approached many Realtors about FHRM and I heard a ton of horror stories. BTW, none of these Realtors I asked worked for FHRM.

So, I called the Owner James Angelo and asked to take him to Lunch to see if we were a match. After 2 hours…. now remember this guy has 2000 agents and is super busy….I realized this guy could single handedly help me 10x my career plus give me health care coverage and lower my commission CAP to $10,500.

If my Story Intrigues you, Let’s connect and talk about how FHRM can help change your career too.

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