“I tried to Sell my Home by owner and Failed! I tried to Sell my Home on Zillow and the Buyers Agent tried to rob me! Tanya Cosmini got me (2) cash offers and sold my home in 24 days for $32,000 over asking price!”

Your Responsibilities

Selling your house on your own can take a lot of work. It’s important to know what you are getting into before deciding not to hire a real estate agent in Nocatee. You will have to spend time fielding calls, answering questions, marking the property, and showing it to potential buyers. This is in addition to keeping it clean, landscaped, staged, and well-maintained for anyone who may come to see it.

What It Will Cost

It can cost thousands to sell your house on your home and you will likely have a lower final sale price than had you worked with an agent. A few of the expenses you can expect include:

  • Expenses for premium listings as your house won’t be on the MLS without an agent
  • Repair costs both before putting up for sale and after your buyer has had an inspection done
  • Cleaning expenses to get your house ready for showings
  • Staging costs to make sure your house looks its best
  • Photography and virtual tour expenses
  • Costs to hold an open house
  • Printed materials including flyers and brochures
  • Professional signage to advertise your house for sale
  • Continued holding costs – your market will likely take longer to sell when doing it on your own

Once you add everything up, you can see why it can make more sense to hire an agent than to to sell your home by owner in Nocatee.

We Sold this FSBO in >30 days on Market

The homeowner after 100 days failed to sell this home by owner without a Realtor. When listed for sale by owner, Realtors didn’t bring many buyers and the home sat costing the owner every month. After the homeowner failed to sell the property, Homes by Sam and Tanya listed the home and we had it under contract in a week. It then closed or sold in 30 days.

House for Sale in St. Augustine (For Sale by Owner)

Hiring Homes by Sam & Tanya Instead

While For Sale by Owner listings on Zillow can work for some homeowners, hiring a real estate agent in Nocatee will likely save you time and money when all is said and done.

Many people think that by avoiding real estate agents in Nocatee that they will save time and money, but this is rarely the case.

To learn more about the best way to sell your house in Nocatee and to learn more about our team, reach out to us today! We are happy to answer any questions you have about the selling process without any obligation. (904) 439-9842

For Sale By OwnerREXXX or Cut Rate or Reduced Listing Fee Agents
Time To Sell: Lower average days on market (under 48 days on average)Studies show selling yourself adds on average 20+ days to the time to sell the house**Time and Cost go hand and hand. Your home costs you $50-$100+ day to own so the longer it sits the more potential savings you lose.
Typical Sales Price:Houses sell for 13% higher prices* when working w/ a broker vs. FSBO13% less* than an experienced agent is able to negotiateRead the Fine Lines of the Contract. The average Seller still pays 5-6% to sell their home so dont be fooled by the Gimmicks.
Marketing Costs:$0 – We pay for all marketing and do all of the marketing work$500 – $2,000+ in ads, yard sign, and more.$500 – $2,000+ in ads, yard sign, and more.
Types Of Marketing Included:MLS listing, professional yard sign, our team of buyers agents, featured online listings, open house if necessary, and more! None. You’ll need to purchase all of your marketing separatelyMLS, other marketing usually extra
Time Commitment From You: Very little. We want this to be as hands-off as possible for you so you can enjoy the process.3-5+ hours per week including showing the house, open houses, marketing, putting out signs, etc.3-5+ hours per week including showing the house, open houses, marketing, putting out signs, etc.
Fees / Commissions:Competitive commission structure. But we save you time, headache, and stats show we can help you sell for a higher price vs. FSBO$100-$1,000 for materials and FSBO website listings.Flat fee or reduced commission for reduced services and assistance.
Legal / Contract / Advice: 100% included. We handle all of the contracts, documents, setting up escrow and closing, and more! We worry about the details so you can relax.You are responsible for all contracts, escrow, and legal details to ensure the closing happens correctly and legally.Not always included, when it is it may be limited. Ask the agent what they include and will not include.

Many people think they will save money by selling their house without an agent, however, this is rarely the case. When you consider what you will spend when listing on your own, how long it will take, and what will be required of you, it can be easy to see how it makes more sense to hire an agent to sell your house.

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